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On Unrevolutionary Views of Revolution

Saladdin Ahmed In an attempt to pacify Western governments’ “scepticism”, there is a common tendency among liberal Middle Easterners and North Africans to argue that Islamism is not the real motivation behind the revolutions in those regions.[1] What I dispute … Continue reading

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Hope, Despair, Revolution

Hope, Despair, Revolution Saladdin Ahmed “Only for the sake of the hopeless ones have we been given hope” Walter Benjamin In the time of revolutions, among many other views, two opposing but equally problematic views surface: the optimist position that … Continue reading

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The Emerging Middle East as a Turkish Empire

The Middle East, as we have known it since the foundation of the Arab nation states, is collapsing. Indeed, since the late sixties of the last century, Arab nationalism started to die as a populist ideology for two major reasons: … Continue reading

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