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Pseudo-Leftism and Violence (II)

Part II:  The Violence Against Kurds in Turkey and the Case of the PKK Are you Really Opposed to Violence? Saladdin Ahmed One of the most frustrating moments of every political debate I have had with liberal-mainstream and pseudo-leftist intellectuals … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Leftism and Violence (I)

Part I: The Industry of Pseudo-Leftism Saladdin Ahmed There is a relatively popular fashion in academia, nowadays, to speak as a leftist. However, this conception of leftism is a distinctly non-militant and non-radical one. Of course, that is not necessarily … Continue reading

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Turkish Imperialism and the Future of the Middle East

Saladdin Ahmed The Middle East is changing dramatically, and the age of Arab dictatorships finally seems to be coming to an end. Iran has been squeezed between internal dissent and international pressure. Israel is about to lose the security it … Continue reading

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