Condolences: to the Revolutionaries of Egypt

Saladdin Ahmed

June 24, 2012

“You said, I will go to another land, I will go to another sea.

Another city will be found, better than this.

Every effort of mine is condemned by fate;

and my heart is — like a corpse — buried.

How long in this wasteland will my mind remain.

Wherever I turn my eyes, wherever I may look

I see the black ruins of my life here,

where I spent so many years, and ruined and wasted.”

 Constantine Cavafy of Alexandria

Dear Revolutionaries,

We have just entered another dark moment of this dark age. Once again the guillotine is beheading the revolution. The ultimate moment of this betrayal was in fact the moment in which you were left with two choices (thanks to the sacred bond between the masses and representative democracy): return to the old dictatorship backed by the army or turn to the Muslim Brotherhood, Nationalism or Islamism. Those of you who have not yet lost your ability to dream must have thought, ‘there must be another way: a third way.’

Your Liberty Square is now packed with those who will become the tools of your next ruthless masters. These new masters will install the eyes of a lapidating power in every corner of your private and public spaces. In fact, there will be no more private or public space. All will be covered with one dark veil, to be preserved for the bearded spokesmen of God. They will bring God to every corner of your space including your toilets. God will no longer be left alone to do his business in Heaven or even in the Mosques. God will be turned into the nightmare of your personal affairs, disciplining everyone, punishing everyone, and covering everyone with one dark shroud of absolute irrationality. In the place of yesterday’s bloody generals, now the officers of the Devine Law will guard the cages of your dreams and fantasies. Al-Azhar will make sure no voice of reason will be heard for another long and painful chapter in history.

This new brotherhood of theirs will not need an army of secret police to keep an eye on your dreams because every man who shaves his mustache and grows a beard and every woman who covers her entire existence with a dark veil will become a part of the morality police.  You will be punished for their pathological obsession with sex and, in no time at all, everything will be sexualized under these guards of the darkest drive. Children will be fed with hatred towards every child capable of dreaming of another land, another city, another sea, another reality. Yusuf Qaradawi will be the judge of all philosophies, arts, and sciences. He and his army of illiterate imams will silence every voice of reason because their God is allergic to rationality. In the name of God everything will be turned into the fuel for a hell on the very land of Egypt.

This story of revolution has become the modern cycle of one and the same tragedy: the forces of revolt start a revolution. Next, in the middle of the revolution’s euphoria, the slaves of the past come out in their millions to claim the revolution, carrying in their heads nothing but a second edition of yesterday and in their hands nothing but the ashes of the revolutionaries’ dreams.

As for you, Comrades, you will search for another land, another city, another sea. You will chase the Red Sea towards a world that does not want you. Far away in exile, you will tell strangers your story, and only stranger will you then become. When you are old, you will accept that your stories are nothing more than the stories of failed revolutionaries in an anti-revolutionary age. Then, you will convince yourselves to love “the small things in life.” What else can you do?

You said, this sea will face no more fearful faces in search of another land.

Another reality will be found, better than this

Every leap of revolt is condemned by the chains of a rotten history of slavery…

About Saladdin Ahmed

Saladdin Ahmed is a post-nihilist philosopher who has declared full independence.
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