Fascist Democracy: The Rule of a Stupid Majority

Any identity, whether national, regional, racial, ethnic, etc. or, of course, religious that relies on the inclusion of some to construct a sense of “us” and the exclusion of others to construct a sense of “them” as the bases for political rights and the distribution of wealth normally heads towards and strives for genocide in the worst cases, and, in the best cases, systematic oppression and social injustice. There is no natural immunity against being infected by such a discriminatory attitude regardless of whether one’s group has suffered a great deal of oppression or not. In fact, often the sense of victimhood fuels fascist groups immensely.

Some of today’s oppressors are yesterday’s victims. Their parents or grandparents suffered, so they feel they are entitled to oppress others to protect what they imagine to be their fragile and vulnerable little paradise from the “pollution” of minorities. Fascism always happens in the name of love, but the kind of love that is essentially shaped by hatred. The inner group needs a bond of brotherhood (usually patriarchy is a fundamental condition of fascism) in order to sustain its sense of collective identity. At this phase of its fascist evolution, the inner group chooses minorities as its immediate enemy, who are too close to be safely ignored and too different to be accepted according to the fascist mentality. The bond of brotherhood then continually feeds itself “proof” of the threats from the different Other, and from the traitors who agitate the brotherhood by fragmenting its totalitarian unity.

The fascist mentality takes legitimacy from the consensus of the majority. That is also to say that the rule of a stupid majority amounts to fascist democracy. The majority is seldom rational about anything, and in a world where normalcy is measured by the votes of ignorant mass individuals, the norm rarely has anything to do with reason. Rather, the norm is fascism. The norm is to hate in order to prove that you belong to the privileged group. To hate the silenced ones, the ones with less power and privilege, the ones from the peripheries who have already been marginalized, is the only way for the mass individual to enter the sacred unity of the brotherhood. The members of this brotherhood have a sense of responsibility to protect the imagined “purity”, the “virginity”, of the society. This sense of responsibility is the ultimate core of fascist crime potentially, symbolically, and physically. In these dark ages, if one finds oneself aligned with a majority and its representatives, one must doubt one’s own faculties of understating and morality.

About Saladdin Ahmed

Saladdin Ahmed is a post-nihilist philosopher who has declared full independence.
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