The Killing Machine that is your Army


If you were told that your army is in place to protect you, know that it is a lie.

If you were told that the army of your country is painstakingly fighting against those who are conspiring against “us”, know that the faceless “they” could be children who were born into the wrong world.

Those who kill in the name of a nation, a religion, a flag, a history, or a future should not be judged according to their proclaimed mission, but from the point of view of their nameless victims.

If you believe that those who serve in the army are heroes sacrificing their lives to keep you safe, know that it is because of those soldiers that wars can be so devastatingly waged.

Often soldiers join armies because they enjoy the act of killing and want to make a legal living from it; others do so to escape their life conditions, and in doing so they sustain the conditions of poverty and injustice of which they are victims.

If you were brought up to respect the army, you were brought up to glorify murder when it is committed by the state.

States have ordered the massacres of entire populations of people under the protection of the law, which is legislated by the dominant, with the blessing of the ignorant.

If the state commits murder, know that it is still murder.

Just as soldiers in an army are trained never to question orders and to act and look all the same, your army is a killing machine just like any other army.

About Saladdin Ahmed

Saladdin Ahmed is a post-nihilist philosopher who has declared full independence.
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3 Responses to The Killing Machine that is your Army

  1. 1- Is this about the text or my name (Ahmed)?
    2- Nowhere in the piece have I mentioned or implicated the American Army.
    3- As a matter of fact, it was written on Iraq’s “Army Day”.
    4- The displayed image is of an Anfal mass grave of Kurds who were murdered by the Iraqi Army in Saddam Hussein’s era.
    5- That said, yes, indeed, armies are formed to kill. The stronger the army is, the worse the atrocities that should be expected from it. If you love your army, whoever you are, the “you” in the post applies to you.

  2. gail desautels says:

    Well said commonalex, but do all of your soldiers know what is illegal and legal … are they trained at this. Seems to me that this isn*t even clear at the higher levels….
    I am not arguing with you … and I agree totally on your comment here,as I find this post quite disturbing and potentially inflammatory, particularly given such gruesome images. Sounds like there is a lot of anger out there …hmmm wonder why… people are dying everwhere … and some in real life who are related to you. I hope you haven*t lost any *camarades* or family or friends lately. Life must suck in the military, I agree. Mashallah. Best wishes to you.

  3. commonalex says:

    For the record, at least under US doctrine, soldiers are not supposed to follow illegal orders. Illegal orders are illegal to follow. Yes, obviously and tragically, this doesn’t happen all the time. But the US at least has been trying to move away from just the traditional hierarchical mode of blindly following orders while investing the lower ranks with more agency and initiative and responsibility. However, I do agree with many of your points, but would argue that the state routinely kills people through means beyond military force, including economic sanctions. And economic means and trade often receive far less scrutiny than military means.
    Apologies – my first version of this was better, but the internet is the internet.

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