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The Politics of being a Kurd in Today’s Turkey

The moment you speak Kurdish in Turkey, you are at a disadvantage. From the Turkish majority cities in the west of the country to the predominantly Kurdish region in the southeast, the Kurdish language is steeped in a history of … Continue reading

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Being a Kurdish-Turkish mistake | openDemocracy

As a Kurdish child, I grew up in Kirkuk under the Baath regime thinking I was an existential mistake: but I liked being a mistake. I still like being a mistake. Source: Being a Kurdish-Turkish mistake | openDemocracy

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The Left’s Fatal Dismissal of Islamic Imperialism

There is a general dearth of leftist discourse critical of Islamism in the English speaking West. In fact, the dominant leftist discourse in that regard is characterized by a mixture of portraying Islam as the ultimate victim and Islamism as … Continue reading

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